A foreign citizen or stateless person, married to an Italian citizen:

-If he/she has been legally living (*) in Italy for at least two years from the date of marriage or, in the case of residence abroad, after three years of marriage. These terms are reduced by half in the presence of children born or adopted by the spouses.

If the spouse of an Italian citizen has moved to Italy after three years of marriage spent abroad, he or she could make the request without waiting for the end of the two-year term (or one-year term, in the presence of children born or adopted by the couple) for legal residence in the Italian territory, provided that, at the time of submission of the application, he or she is in possession of a valid residence permit and is registered in the population registers of an Italian municipality.

If two foreigners regularly live in Italy and if one of them has obtained Italian citizenship by naturalization after marriage, the period of legal residence begins from the date of acquisition of Italian citizenship by the naturalized spouse. That period has effect on the day following that in which the oath of Article 10. of law no. 91/92 was made.

-If the marriage is still ongoing.

The here-above requirement should remain until the decree conferring citizenship is adopted. Until that date, no dissolution, annulment or termination of the civil effects of marriage, nor the separation of the spouses should take place.

(*) A legal residence means to be either registered at an Italian municipality, or to be in compliance with the rules governing the foreign citizen’s stay.



The competent authority to receive applications is:
-in case of residence in Italy: the Prefect of the province where the applicant resides
-in case of residence abroad: the Italian consular authorities



As from 18 June 2015, instances of the request of the Italian citizenship may be submitted online ONLY through electronic procedure.

You need to connect to the website of the Interior Ministry, to enter the area dedicated to online applications, https://nullaostalavoro.dlci.interno.it and register. You will receive an email with instructions to complete registration. Then you must log on again to the website of the Interior Ministry, by entering the email and password you used for recording. Once inside the system you have to choose the voice cittadinanza, then gestione domande and ultimately choose the form to fill out, depending on the type of application for citizenship that you are presenting:

1) Model  A - Foreign Citizens residing in Italy - Article 5 request for marriage with an Italian citizen

2) Model  AE - Foreign Citizens Abroad residents - Article 5 - request for marriage with an Italian citizen

Before you start filling out online application make sure you have the identification document, the birth certificate and a police certificate issued by the country of origin and receipt of payment of the fee to 200,00 euro scheduled for the requested citizenship as well as a stamp duty of € 16.00.

All these documents must be scanned and attached to the computer module.

Before loading the documents is mandatory to save the question using the "Save" button. The pages of the originals of the documents to be attached should not be separated, must be visible in all parts including connecting stamps, seals, signatures, the legalization and apostille stamp added.

After sending the application will no longer be editable.

You may download the submission received and a summary of the application.



a) an extract of the original birth certificate translated and legalized by the diplomatic / consular Italian authority in the State of membership

- Women who, due to marriage, have acquired their husband's surname, and if their maiden name is not indicated in their birth certificate, must provide documentation that specifies the surname given at birth, or a statement issued by diplomatic / consular authorities from their country of origin in Italy (legalized by the Prefecture according to art. 33, c. 4, of Presidential Decree no. 445/00).

In this case, a 16’00 € stamp will be necessary to legalize such consular declaration.

- Women who, by marriage, have taken their husband's surname, also acquire, according to Italian law, Italian citizenship for their own maiden name.

b) a criminal record in the country of origin and / or in other countries, translated and legalized by an Italian diplomatic / consular authority in the country of origin, where the person has been resident (criminal records do NOT need to be produced if one has had a residence in Italy before the age of 14)

c) a proof of payment of a contribution of € 200.00 must be made to postal account n. 809020 payable to the Ministry of the Interior-DLCI (reason: Citizenship-contribution Art. 1- comma 12- Law of 15 July 2009, no. 94). For the payment of the contribution, a special sort of postal payment slip is available in all post offices.

Be careful to add all information regarding the person wishing to acquire citizenship in the fields called PERFORMED BY and RESIDENT IN regardless of who materially performs the payment.

The person will then have to deliver, upon requests concerning citizenship, the first section (Deposit Certificate) and keep the second one (Payment Receipt).

d) a copy of the residence permit (permit or residence card)

e) a passport copy (only the page indicating the identity)

NB: In the absence of the document here-above mentioned in section a) the political refugee or stateless person can produce an affidavit from a competent Clerk of the Court including the indication of their personal information as well as those of their parents. Regarding the certificates mentioned in section b) he or she must produce a self-certification that attests, under his or her responsibility, to have no criminal record nor to have pending criminal affairs in their country of origin and in any other country of residence.

Once you submit your application you will  receive a message in the indicated email while compiling, through which you refer to your portal.

For those making the application as a resident in Italy, the Prefecture reserves to call the foreign citizen to verify the authenticity of the scanned documents.

Through the portal you may display notices sent by the Prefecture concerning:

the acceptance of its application and the commencement of proceedings; any irregularity of the accompanying documents; the date of the meeting at the offices of the Prefecture for the control of the originals of the documents supporting electronically.



If the investigation concludes with a favorable outcome, the person is notified about the decree granting Italian citizenship by the municipality of residence within 6 months. The oath has to be sworn at the said Municipality and the legal effect will start on the day following the oath.