We talk about a Study Permit when a foreign citizen who came to Italy with a visa issued by the Italian Embassy in the country of origin has started studying in our country. Such a document has to be renewed every year according to certain conditions:
• PHOTOCOPY OF VISA in possession;
• Health insurance against the risk of illness, injury and maternity, by establishing a specific insurance policy with an Italian or a foreign establishment valid on Italian soil, or by the registration at the national health department;
• Registration certificate at the institutes and/or public or private schools, university or a declaration from private schools in its original form. In case of a long-term program (more than a year), the registration certificate will have to specify the duration.
• In the case of a university enrolment: an exam certificate (the student must have passed at least one exam during the first year in  order to be allowed in  second year, and at least two exams to be allowed in the next years).
• Documentation concerning the means of subsistence with an amount inferior to that of the social security’s annual income (proof of the checking account should be presented as well as a certificate of a savings account either from a bank or from a post office, a bank guarantee or an insurance bond);
• Scholarships or work income in case of working students.
Costs to be paid at the Post office:
• 16,00€ tax stamp (available in cigarette booths)
• 100,46€ (70,46€ for the postal payment slip and 30€ for the postal kit), to have a residence permit from 3 months to 1 year;
• 110,46€ (80,46€ for the postal payment slip and 30€ for the postal kit), to have a residence permit from 1year to 2 years;
• 30,46€ postal payment slip for each minor child dependents.