The residence permit is a document that allows a foreigner to stay in Italy. The reasons and length of stay are always indicated in the Residence Permit.

The foreigner who wishes to request the issuance/renewal of a Residence Stay must complete the Kit Postal (mail form) and go to the post office to mail it. In addition to the mail form, the foreigner has to physically attend and present the official passport and stay permit.

The post office will issue an appointment including receipts (which you should always bring with you along with the residence permit) for the foreigner to go to the relevant police headquarters in order to have his or her fingerprints registered and to deliver 4 passport photographs with a white background.

There are various sorts of Stay Permit:

-Employment Permit;

-Self-Employment Permit;

-Temporary Stay Permit

-Permit for families in charge of non EU citizens

-Permit for families in charge of 14 - 18 years old children;

-Residence Stay Update;

-Study permit;

-Health Reasons;

Political Asylum.