FAMILY COHESION involving an EU citizen: The residence permit for family reasons allows family members of an Italian or EU family legally residing in our country to obtain a residence permit for family reasons, and may be required for:
Underage children: including the spouse¡¯s children or unmarried children born out of wedlock, provided that the other parent, if alive, has given his or her consent.
Children of age;
Grandparents of Italian or EU citizens, even if the grandchild is underage;
Dependent parents (if parents are over sixty, a mandatory health insurance will be required, another eligible security to ensure coverage of all risks on the national territory or a subscription to the National Health Service)
The residence permit for family reasons can have a validity of two years or can be perceived as papers without time limit.
• PASSPORT COPY of the person who has entered Italy;
• VISA COPY if in possession;
• PHOTOCOPY OF RESIDENCE PERMIT of the family member in charge;
• PHOTOCOPY OF IDENTITY CARD of the family member in charge;
• RELATIONSHIP CERTIFICATE TRANSLATED and LEGALIZED in an ITALIAN EMBASSY, or for some countries, the certificate in many languages with an Apostille stamp is enough;
• Unilav, CUD 2017 and 3 PAYCHECKS of the person in charge, if he or she is employed;
• Computerized MODELLO UNICO 2016 form, Chamber of Commerce record, A PROVISIONAL EVALUATION for the months of 2016/2017, stamped and signed by the accountant for the person in charge if she or he is self-employed;
Concerning this practice, one can forward the postal kit. Some police stations may also receive people directly at the police station to present documents, fingerprints and 4 passport pictures.