FAMILY COHESION: The residence permit for family reasons allows family members of a non-EU citizen, legally residing in Italy, to get a residence permit for family reasons and may be requested for:
a) The spouse
b) Underage children, including the spouse's children or unmarried children born out of wedlock, provided that the other parent, if alive, has given his or her consent. For the purposes of reunification, children under 18 years old, adopted children, foster children or children under supervision shall be treated as children.
c) Dependent children of age, if, for objective reasons, they cannot take care of their essential needs because of a health status involving total disability
d) Dependent parents, if they have no other children in the country of origin or provenance, or parents over sixty, if other children are unable to support them for serious health reasons
The residence permit for family reasons has the same duration of the residence permit of the family member with whom he or she was reunited and is renewable with that of the latter at the same moment.
• PASSPORT COPY of the person who has entered Italy;
• VISA COPYwho has entered Italy;
• PHOTOCOPY OF RESIDENCE PERMIT of the family member in charge;
• PHOTOCOPY OF IDENTITY CARD of the family member in charge;
• RELATIONSHIP CERTIFICATE TRANSLATED and LEGALIZED in an ITALIAN EMBASSY.In some countries, a certificate in many languages with an Apostille stamp is enough;
• UNILAV, CUD 2017 and 3 PAYCHECKS of the person in charge, if he or she is employed;
• Computerized MODELLO UNICO 2016 form, Chamber of Commerce record, A PROVISIONAL EVALUATION for the months of 2016/2017, stamped and signed by the accountant, for the person in charge if she or he is self-employed;

Concerning this practice, one can send the postal kit. Some police stations may also receive people directly at the police station for the presentation of documents, fingerprints and 4 passport pictures.