The residence permit for political asylum is released to those who have been recognized the refugee status.
The first release request is made directly to the Police.
After the fingerprinting, the Police will send the application to the Territorial Commission, which is the only department competent to adjudicate on the status recognition, and releases to the foreigner a residence permit for asylum request waiting for the definition of the proceedings.
To complete the request must be submitted to the Immigration Office of the Police Headquarters:
- The application form, with the reasons for which asylum is required, drawn up in a language known by the foreigner;
- Copy of the passport, if holded;
- Any other documentation proving the reasons for the request.
Once received refugee status, the foreign citizen may request to the Immigration Office to issue a residence permit for asylum.
The permit of stay for asylum is valid for five years and is renewable.
Together with it to the applicant is issued a travel document of equal duration, which replaces the passport, and is renewed simultaneously with permit for political asylum.
For the renewal of the permit it is necessary to fill in the form provided at the post office.

Documents to be submitted:
- Copy of the residence permit
- A copy of the travel document

Costs to be paid at the Post office:

• 16,00€ tax stamp (available in cigarette booths)

• 60,46€ (30,46€ for the postal payment slip and 30€ for the postal kit);

• 30,46€ postal payment slip for each minor child dependents.